• GREEN BULLETIN: 9:00 am, Monday, January 2, 2017 (READ CAREFULLY) 
    1. Topic 6 World War II 

      1. Read/Review each Lesson, again (Online Textbook)
      2. Key Terms, Quotes, Maps, Graphs (stuff besides JUST the reading) are extremely important. 
      3. Read each Lesson Summary (Teacher Website, Links and Resources, scroll down to Topic 5)
      4. Write Topic 5: Great Depression/New Deal ...  into each corresponding day we covered the lesson. Roman Numeral I will go with Lesson 1, Roman Numeral 2 will go with Lesson 2, etc . . . (Teacher Website, Links and Resources, scroll down to Topic 2)
      5. Study any handouts you have answered questions and written the answers.
    2. To best prepare and study.

    3. Read Summaries (red) under Topic found in Links and Resources (scroll down to the bottom)
    4. Write the Course Outline (green) --> add to the notes that corresponds with name of Lesson.
    5. Sign up for E-Alerts - when info is added or changed, you will receive an alert.

    • Tutorials and Reassessment opportunities on Tuesdays/Fridays, 8:00 am.
    • Other days are available - email the night prior to confirm availability.  

    United States History
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    Welcome back to Guyer High School.
    • DISD has adopted a new TEXTBOOK for this school year - details announced on first day.
    • History Alive 2.0 is the alternate lessons we will do.
    • Quizzes are scheduled everyday to cover the previous lesson and material.
    • Keep your IAN organized each day - details will be explained first day. 

    Cody Schroeder - United States History/Boys Soccer Coach
    (940) 369-1218

    A1 - Freshman Soccer
    A2 - United States History
    A3 - United States History
    A4 - Conference
    A5 - JV/V Soccer
    B1 - Freshman Soccer
    B2 - United States History
    B3 - United States History
    B4 - Conference
    B5 - JV/V Soccer 

    • 8:15-8:40 AM, Tuesday & Friday

    This week: 

    • We are looking forward to welcoming all students as they return from summer vacation.
    • A full calendar for the FIRST Grading Period is now available. (from the left navigation bar and choose Lesson Plans/Calendars)

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    Student Management Plan:

    The policies established in the Guyer High School Student Handbook will be supported in this class by following four simple rules:

    1.        Be Punctual.                   

    2.        Be Prepared.                  

    3.        Be Polite & Respectful  

    4.     Participate in the Learning Process.

    Remember the following thoughts:
    1. Be Nice, Work Hard!
    2. DO RIGHTS: Do the Right Thing, at the Right Time, for the Right Reason!
    3. Trying gives you two excuses; one excuse for not DOING what you are suppose to do and for not HAVING what you are suppose to have. 

    Welcome to Coach Schroeder's United States History website. The website will be used to update and inform students and parents of the expectations in this class. The hope is that an informed student and parent can work as a team along with the educator to provide the student the opportunity to become a life-long learner in general, but in History as well.

    Please feel free to contact Coach Schroeder at any time if you have any issues, concerns, or suggestions. The website will be a "work in progress" and students and parents should check on a regular basis for any updates.
    One suggestion, take time to review the "Reading the Textbook/Taking Quizzes" page.
    In addition, a calendar by month has been provided to allow students and parents to preview the activities on a weekly and monthly schedule. Suggested readings, quizzes, and other pertinent due dates are provided.
    For more info, please click on Coach Schroeder