Mr. Stephen Shade

Phone: (940) 369-1062


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Stephen Shade


1 A/B       Planning
A2/B2      German II
A3           Pre-AP German II     |    B3  Pre-AP German III
A4           Conference Period    |    B4  AP German IV
5 A/B      Academic Leadership Team/Department Chair



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    Contact info:
    Room# B133
    Office# B135(A)
    Office phone: (940) 369-1062
    A-Day B-Day
    1:    German III Pre_AP 1:   German III Pre-AP
    A2:  German III Pre-AP B2: German IV Advanced Placement
    A3:  German II B3: Conference Period
    A4:  Conference Period B4: AP German IV
    5:                              Academic Leadership Team/Department Chair  
    Mr. Shade is World Languages Department Chair, German Teacher, and director of the German/American Partnership Program at Guyer High School.