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    Welcome to RMS EXPO!
    Course Overview:
    In Denton ISD middle schools, EXPO is a daily class that takes the place of students' reading class.  This class will help students grow as readers, but will provide them with much more than reading experiences.  Students will also experience a student-driven program that will give them experiences in creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and more.  Instruction will be given within a framework that increases depth and complexity of student thinking and challenges students to find new and creative ways to solve problems.
    Daily Challenges:
    Students begin each day with a challenge activity that stretches student thinking in a variety of ways.  They will see a wide variety of activities over the course of the year.  Some are individual; some are collaborative.  Most challenges are quick, but some may take a while.  There will be STEM, verbal, creativity, logic, and teamwork challenges.  Success in these challenges will earn students recognition in the form of class badges.
    Literacy Rotations:
    Most days in class, students will rotate to one of several literacy stations which will serve the purposes of growing their literacy skills and giving them exposure to ideas that will help them to better identify and solve problems in other segments of class.
    Class Units:
    We will study a few different units each year as a class.  Some of these units may be topical such as one that gives students a better understanding of what it means to be gifted.  At other times we will read and analyze something such as a novel together.
    Student Driven Projects:
    Throughout the year students will be asked to keep track of things they are learning, interests they are developing and real-world problems they are discovering.  At times, students will be required to create projects to respond to these.  I am excited to see what kinds of projects students will develop.
    My Goals for EXPO (some of the experiences I want my students to have over the course of three years in EXPO at RMS): 
    • Wide reading
    • Critical thinking
    • Real-world problem solving
    • Professional communication
    • Web design
    • Programming
    • Teaching
    • Career research
    • Leadership
    • Entreprenuership
    • Using social media effectively
    • Video production
    Google Classroom: The main source for up-to-date info on our class will be the Google Classroom page for your class.  This is where you can see current assignments, grade specific information, upcoming due dates, and many resources. 
    Tutorial Schedule: I will be available each Tuesday after school from 3:35 - 4:00 for tutorials until further notice.  I will also be available most days before or after school by appointment.  Students can just ask me ahead of time so that I know to be in my room.  
    Please contact me using the info below if you have questions. 
    Contact info:
    Luke Taylor
    Email: ltaylor2@dentonisd.org 
    Phone: 972-347-7094 
    Room #: 229