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Mrs. McCauley

  • Schedule

    1st period  8:50-9:50

    2nd period  9:55-11:30

    A lunch  11:30-12:00

    3rd period  12:00-1:30

    4th Period  1:35-3:05

    5th period  3:10-4:10

    Conference 12:30-1:30


  • Time is Flying!

    Posted by Julie McCauley at 10/19/2017

    WOW! It is almost November!  The students are working hard here in the Transition Center.  We are getting ready to start going out to our job sites in the next couple of weeks.  I am very excited to see the students in action at our various job locations.  I am hopeful that with the assistance of the Texas Work Force Commission, some of our students might just transition right on into actual paying jobs at the end of the school year.  

    The holidays are upon us, I have some fun activities planned that will add to the students knowledge of Practical Living Skills, Health and Wellness, & Job Related Skills.  

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  • August Update

    Posted by Julie McCauley at 8/28/2017


    The first few weeks of school have flown by!  The students have been working hard and we have begun to establish a solid schedule.  Each day of the week has a particular accademic focus:

    Mondays - Nutrition

    Tuesdays - Health and fitness

    Wednesdays - Professional Development

    Thursdays - Independent Living Skills / Library

    Fridays - "Tie it all together" and Fun Day

    Though our week is divided up into areas of focus, this does not mean that we will only be working on these skills on these particular days.  We will incorporate skill development in all areas every day.  The "focus" is mainly for actuall lessons and activities.   

    It has been a great start to the year!

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