• Welcome to 7th grade English!
    I am looking forward to start teaching at Rodriguez Middle School.

    I graduated from Texas Woman’s University to earn my bachelor’s degree in 4-8 English. I wanted to teach middle school English and Language Arts since high school. My teachers have motivated me to explore different types of literature and writing styles, and fostered my love for English. I love discussing literature and seeing students’ writing improve over time. I believe middle school is the most crucial time to build students’ love for learning.

    Outside of teaching, I love reading. I would not want to be teaching English otherwise. My favorite genre is thriller. I love stories with lots of suspense and mystery. I also love to read popular books that have been adapted into movies. I like these books mostly because I can talk about them with the throngs of other people who have read them. I also love comparing with others how the director changed the story for film. 

  • Contact Information:

    Email: ksparks@g.dentonisd.org

    Class Phone: 972-347-7075

    Twitter: @MsSparksRMS

    Class Twitter Tag: #SRMS17


    Supply list:



    Lined paper



    Class schedule:

    1st          Conference         8:15-9:05

    2nd         PLC                    9:09-9:57

    3rd         Writing               10:01-10:51

    4th         Writing               10:55-11:45

    Lunch    11:49-12:19 

    5th        PreAP Writing      12:23-1:13

    6th       Writing               1:17-1:47

    7th        Writing               1:51-2:41

    8th       Writing               2:45-3:35