• Welcome to 7th and 8th grade Art! I hold a Bachelor of Education degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree. I am an experienced teacher in both general education as well as Art. I am thrilled to be able to help young Artists learn to "see" things in Art that will also interrelate to many things in the real world. My hobbies include painting, reading, excercise, and spending time with my family.  My sons are 16 and 7.  My personal Art can be viewed at www.paintingsbygwen.com. 

    I look forward to displaying student artwork.  We will be creating works of Art with a variety of materials throughout the year. Students will draw, paint, manipulate clay, sculpt and other exciting things. Fall will include 2-D drawing and painting while Spring involves more 3-D Art. I strive to ensure that our students will be able to relate Art to Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing. I also believe that Art creates a theraputic opportunity and helps students understand how to respectfully critique their peers work, as well as their own. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in VASE, which is a gallery style competition with other middle schools. 


    Warmups:  Warmups are called "Integration Stations" .  Warmups are daily and include the historical artist of the week, local artist of the week, word wall, Art in the News, and math and science in Art.   The warmups are designed to help students see that art is integrated in all subjects.  Integration station worksheet warmups are due each Friday or the last day of the current week.  

    August 16th to August 22nd We are be exploring one and two point perspective. Students will draw cubes and other shapes in one point perspective.  Then color and design them as they please. Please encourage your scholar to notice real world buildings and shapes that represent one and two point perspective. They will be happy to tell you all about it. Students will be using their sketch books at home to provoke a home school connection to Art. Please check back soon for more information about current class activities.  

    August 22nd to August 25th/28th  We are creating a Cityscape using two point perspective.  Students will color name and design their buildings according to their unique creativity.  Homework-sketch something in your home that represents two point perspective due 8/23.  Bring a picture of something you would like to draw that can be drawn on due 8/25.

    August 29th to August 31st We will be creating value scalues using stippling, hatching, crosshatching and shading.  Students will use a picture of their choice to draw the contour, then young artists will add stippling in various levels of value to create areas of light and dark in their drawing.  Students will also learn how to resize a picture in correct proportion from small to large and large to small.

    September 1st to September 15th We are stippling to add value (light, medium and dark) tones on a drawing of our choice. The drawings are scaled up in proportion to the size of the photo reference.

    September 18th to September 25 We are hatching and crosshatcing to add value on a drawing of our choice.  The drawings are scaled up in proportion to the size of the photo reference.  

    September 25th to October 3rd We are drawing basic shapes and adding value to make our drawings appear 3D. We are learning about the different types of shadows, light and reflected light by drawing views of lit basic shapes.  

    October 4th to October 11th We are drawing ordinary objects with basic shapes in a lit still life setup. We will color the basic shapes with colored pencil and add value in various types of shadows and light.  

    October 23rd to November 3rd  We are drawing a still life of more complexity using ordinary objects with a different theme for each group of 4 to 6 students.  

    November 6th to November 10th The learner will draw a set of human eyes, nose, mouth and ears using a photo reference.  The learner will add value to make them appear 3D.

    November 20th to December 6th The learner will draw a self portrait and use charcoal to add value in a large scale.  Alternate assignment:  Draw a magazine face and add value using Charcoal.  

    December 7th to December 12th  We will use colored pastel paper and soft pastels to draw and color an animal.  

    December 13th to December 15th  Draw a design. Mix primary acrylic  colors to make secondary colors and paint the design.  



    Please feel free to contact me as you like.