Welcome! Hodge is excited to announce that we will be piloting the two-way dual language program in Kindergarten for 2017-2018.
    ¡Bienvenidos a Hodge! Estamos emocionados de anunciar que este año escolar, 2017-2018, comenzarémos el programa de prueba de lenguage doble de inglés y español en Kindergarten.
    For more information,  pick up an application in our front office. Or, click here to download our program application and overview:
    Para obtener más información recoge una solicitud en nuestra oficina. O, pulsa aquí para descargar nuestra aplicación y resumén del programa: 
    What are the reasons for students to learn a second language?
    Students in dual language programs are presented with the social and cognitive benefits of bilingualism. They gain a second language, a broader vocabulary, and multiple views of the world, (Cazabon, Lambert, & Heise-Baigorria, 2002). In order to acquire these benefits, the program sets out to accomplish the following goals: 
    • Increase the use of foreign language among monolingual groups
    • Develop children who will be more competitive in the global economy
    • Take advantage of the optimal window of learning a second language during the primary years
    • Nurture an understanding of the different cultures living side by side in Denton
    • Give students an upper edge in high school, college, and the workplace
    • Develop positive cross-cultural attitudes and behavior
    For more information, please contact one of our Dual Language support/ interventionists:
    Para más información, se puede contactar con una de nuestras maestras de apoyo de lenguage doble:
    Zulma Mojica - zmojica@dentonisd.org
    Sarah Cruz - scruz2@dentonisd.org