• Hello, Lee Panthers!
    My name is Juleen Derton and I'm teaching 3rd grade reading this year. I taught for 4 years in Abilene ISD before getting married to my wonderful husband, Andrew, and moving to Denton in June of this year. We are loving the Denton culture and the people in it! This year, Lee Elementary is working hard to improve the reading lives of all of its students and faculty, encouraging a love and excitement for reading. There are lots of ways of doing this whether you and your child read books together from school, listen to audiobooks, use an eBook website to check out books, or talk about books that you have enjoyed in the past. All the conversations you have about books are meaningful for your children! If you ever have any questions or if you would like to come read to our class as a guest reader, please feel free to contact me! We're all looking forward to a great reading year!
    Juleen Derton 
    (940) 369-3500 Ext. 3592
    Conference Time--10:45-11:15

    Daily Schedule

    7:30-7:40 Homeroom class arrival: Check in on ClassDojo, Mark lunch count, Hang up backpack, Turn in any work, Go to next class (this is called their “Block A” class)

    7:40-9:05 Block A

    9:10-10:40 Block B

    10:40-11:35 Specials

    11:35-12:05 Lunch (Assigned seats)

    12:05-12:35 Recess (Students that chose not to work during previous classes or had not brought homework will come to Study Hall during recess with the assigned teacher)

    12:40-1:05 Intervention time (teachers pull students they need for their subject. Block B class is still with teacher they were with before lunch)

    1:10-2:50 Block C (Homeroom class)

    2:50-3:00 Read aloud and discussion

    3:00 Dismissal: 

             After school care lines up at Robinson’s room and then taken to after school care locations (ACE, MLK Bus, etc) 
             Walkers line up on North side at West end of hallway (towards office)
             Car Riders line up on South side at West end of hallway (towards workroom)
Last Modified on August 28, 2017