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    Introduction: My name is Mr. Sullivan and I am the 6th Grade Science Teacher for team 6-2. We are looking foward to having a great 2015-2016 School Year! To visit our team page that will have team information and policies click here.
    Short Biography:
    • Born: Odessa Texas
    • Lived: Around the U.S.A. (my father was serving in the military)
    • Education: B.S. Biology- Southeastern Oklahoma State University 1994
    • M.A.T. (Master's in the Art of Teaching) Cameron University- 1998
    • I am enjoying my 18th year as a 6th Grade Science Teacher at Calhoun M.S.   
    • I am married and have two sons 5 and 10 years old.
    • Teaching, science, outdoors, and family are my passions.
    Calhoun as an I.B. School and 6th grade science's role in it:

    I address the three fundamental concepts of the I.B. program in my Science Classroom on a daily basis.

    I support and teach Holistic Learning throughout the year by collaborating with History, Math, and English everyday during our team meeting to intertwine our curriculum making learning more relevant and meaningful to the student.

    Growing up and moving around as a military dependant, I was introduced to many cultures and am fascinated by each one. I share experiences and my knowledge of other cultures with my students as part of the Intercultural Awareness aspect of I.B., as well as, employing science lessons and activities that lend themselves to the learning of other cultures. An example of this is when we learn about the history and the cultural uses of dye color when we are working with food coloring.

    The I.B. concept of communication is fundamental to my science room.  We often work in cooperative grouping during labs and effective, respectful communication between partners in essential. It is also modeled by myself and all of the other 6-2 teachers.

     Mr. Sullivan's Personal Wordle
    Contact Information:
    John Sullivan
    School Phone: 940-369-2481
    Please send any questions to jsullivan@dentonisd.org
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