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    We enjoyed our unit on Cells and now it is off to Body Systems.  We will be learning MOST body systems even touching a little on the reproductive system.
     Important Dates:
    Monday - Oct 2nd   Chicken Wing Dissection - wear closed toes shoes and hair pulled back.
    Thursday Oct 12 - Early Release
    Friday Oct 12 and Monday Oct 16 No school for the kids
    Thursday Oct. 19th - STAMPEDE
    Friday Oct 27th  Unit 2 Common Assessment.

    *Grading:  All core subjects/departments share the same grading system.  For all  classes minor assessments are worth 30% and major assessments are worth 70%.   Students will be required to sign a contract if they fail a major assessment which will have them come in for tutorials and retest.  Student's have 10 days to retest after receiving a failing grade and contract.

     Click here for: Tutorial Schedule
    Thank you, I enjoy facilitating your child's learning.
    Dawn Little (dlittle@dentonisd.org)

    I am currently out of glue, both sticks and  bottles.  If you would like to make a donation to the class I would appreciate it.  Thank you!