Carroll McMath Middle School PTA 
    PTA Today & Tomorrow
    The McMath PTA is a very active and important child advocacy organization on our campus and we hope you will join our efforts.  Our members are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, and staff members.   Parent volunteers have been elected and appointed to serve on the Executive PTA Board for McMath as stewards of the PTA Mission - Back the Future.  
    Back the Future is the new PTA brand that symbolizes a commitment to the future by backing our children's educational experience today. As a Parent, PTA member, and President of our McMath PTA, I am charged with the responsibility of ensuring that our activities are in accordance with National and State PTA goals so that the students in our school benefit now and in the future.  
    Check out the other PTA pages under the Parents tab for information regarding Volunteers, Community Partners, PTA events, and other happenings throughout the year on the McMath campus.  Look for PTA news to be included in the 'This Week at McMath' bulletins from school administrators and the occasional Tweet at @McMathMS.
    If you have already joined the McMath PTA, Thank You!  If you are excited about what's going on with PTA and want to join the McMath PTA, it's always a great time to join!  Contact me to see how you can become involved with the largest child advocacy organization in Texas. 
      ~Lori Wolfe
    McMath PTA President