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    Corey Kidder

    Hi there, and welcome to my class. My name is Mr. Kidder, and I teach math. Math has always been something that I really enjoy working on. I will use my knowledge and understanding to help the students learn and grow in their comprehension of mathematics. I am married to a beautiful woman, Nancy, who teaches Spanish I at Ryan High School. We have three wonderful pets named Chloe, Winston, and Cosette. All three are Miniature Dachshunds.

    In mathematics, there will be minor and major summative grades. The major summative is 60% of the grade while the minor summative is 40%. I will be assigning homework for students to work on that might not be for a grade, but it will be for their learning. Please continue to work with and help your child to complete their assignments whether they are receiving a grade or not. I will only assign something if it will benefit your child's learning. 

    A study has talked about math anxiety in parents causing more harm to students than the good intentions a parent may have. Here is a link to a ten-question quiz that will give you an idea of your anxiety level when working with mathematics.


    Tutorial Times
    AM: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (retake)
    PM: Monday (UIL calculator), Tuesday, Some Thursdays, Friday (retake)


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