• Welcome to the McMath Band
    & Mrs. Gaskill's Webpage! 

    Kelsey Gaskill

    My Schedule:
    1st period--Conference/Plan
    2nd period--Beginner Clarinets/Saxophones/Trumpets/French Horns
    3rd period--Beginner Flutes/Trombones/Baritones/Tubas
    4th period--Tiger Band/Cub & Tiger Percussion(Mr. Brannock)
    5th period--Beginner Percussion(Mr. Brannock)
    6th period--Study Hall
    7th period--Cub Band
    8th period--Study Hall

    All study hall students are expected to bring homework, study materials, and a book to ready DAILY.  If a student is falling behind in any classes, teachers may write a pass for the student to come to them for extra help.  PARENTS, if you feel that your child needs to be focusing more on one particular assignment or class, please feel free to email me at kgaskill@dentonisd.org for easy communication. 
    For up to date info, please follow this link to our band webpage:
    *BAND DUES!!  If you have not paid the remaining balance for your "Band Dues" or "Instrument Usage Fees," please do that soon!
    *Please make sure you have 4 GOOD REEDS with you at all times!  We will do random reed checks.  When the weather is changing all of the time, our reeds have a tough time adjusting to it.  It is important to have back-ups, especially with our first concert coming up!
Last Modified on August 24, 2015