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    Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. 
    ~John Dewey
         Sandy Hughes
     Tutorials - Thursday 3:35-4:15
    Welcome to 6th grade EXPO! 
    I hope everyone had a fantastic summer! I will be at locker move in day. The 6th grade EXPO room is located downstairs in the middle hall (hall C) in room 1. Feel free to stop by and say hello. Below is a quick snapshot of our year.

    Fall - Being Gifted, this includes our novel, The View from Saturday. All of the STAAR and research skills will be taught and reinforced during this unit and through out the year. 


    Spring - Everyone’s a Winner: A Study of Conflict and Mediation. The conflict unit includes a graphic novel adaption of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. This is also our math and science unit based on submarines. 

    Sandy Hughes

    HAC Email for August 28-Sept. 1

    6th Grade EXPO Parents,

    This week’s focus has been on basic EXPO skills. We reviewed and practiced solving matrix logic deductive puzzles. Today, we used the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) model to create a structure that supports a ball. The CPS and matrix logic assignments have been entered into the gradebook. If your child is missing a grade for this assignment, it is most likely because I received papers without names. Ask your child to check with me, and I will change their grade as soon as we find their paper.

    Aug. 28

    Monday - CPS conclusion & set-up EXPO binder

    Tuesday - Mrs. Modrow, our librarian will continue library orientation.

    Wednesday - Friday We will begin a short unit on nonfiction genres. One of our products will be to create an autobiographical timeline. It would be helpful if your child could name a few milestones in their lives; some suggestions: age of first lost tooth, age learned to ride a bike, siblings birth, began playing a sport or instrument, best birthday or holiday etc.

    Thank you,

    Sandy Hughes

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