• Mr. Sprabary

    World Contemporary Societies
    Welcome to my class.  I am looking forward to a fun and productive year on Team 6-1.  
    I believe students learn best when they are actively engage with the lesson material and free to express their curiosity in a safe environment.  I also believe that students share responsibility for their learning and need to put in the work to retain their new knowledge.  As such, my plan is to allow my students the opportunity to learn by providing varied resources to explore on their own, which we will then explore together to enrich their learning through classroom activities and discussion.  
    There should be very little homework beyond assigned reading, which will be very brief.  However, I encourage my students to further explore what interests them about the subject through supplied online connections and self-guided searches. 
    • Projects may also be assigned throughout the school year.  Students will have the opportunity to work on the projects in class, but I expect the majority of project work to be completed at home.
    • Current and upcoming assignments can be found quickly in the What's Happening? column at the right of this page or in the Assignments Calendar.
  • Class Schedule




     Tutoring Hours

     1 8:15-9:02   World Contemporary Societies
    7:40 - 8:10 AM
     2 9:06-9:53  Team Conference
     3 9:57-10:50   Planning Period
    --   10:50-11:20  Lunch
     4 11:24-12:11   World Contemporary Societies
     5 12:15-1:02   World Contemporary Societies
     6 1:06-1:53   World Contemporary Societies
     7 1:57-2:44  World Contemporary Societies
     8 2:48-3:35  Advisory  

What's Happening?

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