7th Grade Social Studies

Texas History

Team 7-1


    Welcome to the wonderful world of Texas history.  I am looking forward to sharing my appreciation of history with the students.  My hope is that they too will have a love for history.  I feel this can be achieved by allowing the students to take the leading role in their education.  If the students are held responsible for their learning, they are gaining skills that will go beyond their 7th grade year.


    I find that if the students are given the opportunity to blossom, they will do just that.  That is why I try to challenge the students to make themselves push the limits.  Then I try to encourage them to keep striving for the next level of success. 


    In order to do so, the students will need all the support they can get.  This is why I plan on partnering up with parents and the students to find the best possible way to allow all students to grow in their education. 


  • Erika Simon


    (940) 369-3366


    ***Tutoring is available during lunch and Thursdays after school.***


The Simon Seven