• JEhrsam
    Jackie Ehrsam

    phone: 369-3000
    email: jehrsam @ dentonisd.org
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    Deaf Education Interpreter


    I pretty much like to do everything when I can. I love to learn new things and try different things. I love to work out and do 5k runs when I get together with friends or support newbies on their first 5k run/walk. 

    Family Info.


    I have an awesome loving husband. He works as a Campus Tech in different schools.
    I have two wonderful sons that I am very proud of. They graduated at DHS. 
    My family life never has any dull moments.


    I'm blessed to have the opportunity to be part of both deaf and hearing cultures since I was four years old. I love being part of these two cultures because they give me a chance to bridge them together and educate others, too.
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