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    If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur.


                                       - Doug Larson



    Reading tutorials are offered every Friday from 7:45-8:15. It is imperative for your child to attend tutorials if they are failing or have a difficult time in Reading. I am here to help FREE of charge!!!! 


    6th/7th Grade ESL Reading


    Looking forward to a wonderful year! Thanks for stopping by the website. We will be learning lots of great things this year. I want my ESL students to understand why Reading and Writing are very important in their education and life. I hope my students strive to be lifelong readers and writers! Please check out our links.
    Important Notes:
    Please check your child's agenda daily to make sure they are keeping up with homework. Your child should bring their White Binder home every day!!!! Every class should be noted with a CW: classwork and HW: homework in the subject area squares. *Daily homework is to read at least 30 minutes! Your child may read anything from a chapter book, newspaper, magazine, e-books (online), and Scholastic Scope Magazine (online)! I will send a code home for the students to access this site before September rolls around. Please encourage your child to read non-fiction periodically as it will help them become better at critical thinking, reading, and writing!  These are tools each child will need to be successful in life no matter what career path he/she chooses!!! If you need something, I am here to help!!!