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    Mary K Overton
    M. K. Overton
    Algebra 1 
    8th Grade Math

       Welcome to Algebra 1!  This year, I am teaching Algebra 1.  We will follow the High School curriculum and grading policy; major summatives(tests, projects, performance tasks, etc): 70%; minor summatives (quizzes, assignments, etc): 30%.  Students taking Algebra during their 8th grade year will receive an elective credit for High School, and must take four (4) more math classes in High School.
       I have taught Algebra in the past - in both Middle School and High School.  I am also teaching Beginning Algebra at NCTC one night a week.  I love Algebra! (I didn't 'love' it in HS, though!  In fact, I had to work very hard at understanding some of the abstract concepts at first - but once I understood that it was OK to have x in the answer, everything was fine!)
       There will be work assigned most nights.  This is for a couple of reasons:  1)  practice and application of skills learned, and 2) this helps me and your child know if a concept hasn't been completely understood before a test.  (Remember, major summatives are worth 70%!)  So, please know I am not punishing your child by assigning homework!  I am trying to prevent a potential problem!  Also, please remember the district implemented a new grading system.  We must have evidence of mastery of skills before assigning a grade.  Sometimes that evidence comes from homework.  Also, please understand your child's education/knowledge of Algebra (and all classes!) is of the upmost importance to me.  I have always had a policy of allowing students to take assessments over again.  Learning and showing mastery does not always follow a set timeline!
       The curriculum for Middle School Algebra incorporates some key concepts that are covered in 8th grade but not covered in Algebra.  In other words, there are some topics that are expected to be mastered before HS Algebra.  Therefore, there will be a few times during the year that I will stop teaching Algebra, and will cover 8th Gr topics. (Ex: Surface Area, Volume, Pythagorean Theorem, etc.)
     8th Grade Math
    Welcome to 8th grade Math!  This year I am on 8-1 Team and will be teaching five 8th grade math classes.  We will be following the curriculum and the grading policy that the district has set.  The grading policy is as follows: major summatives (tests, projects, performance tasks, etc): 70%; minor summatives (quizzes, assignments, etc): 30%.
    I do a lot of guided practice in class, and then offer some independent practice work.  This shows me what the students have learned, as well as letting me know what topics/concepts we may need to go over some more.  We have new, consumable, student textbooks/workbooks this year.   Most practice/work will be completed in class.  Students will be encouraged to write notes in their books as well as in their spiral notebooks.  Occasionally I will require an assignment to be completed independently at home. This will show me what the students can do on their own.  
    Our new 8th grade curriculum is a Pre-Algebra course.  We will be focusing on algebraic skills as well as reinforcing previously learned skills in 7th grade.
    And, of course, we will stress getting ready for the STAAR test!
    I love teaching Math/Algebra!  I wasn't always good at it - but I eventually saw the need for good math skills in every area of my adult life.  I love being able to explain seemingly difficult concepts and ideas in simple language and seeing the light go on in my students heads!  I really like to hear "Is that all?" and "Can we do another one?"  This  makes my day!!!
      Please contact me with any questions/concerns you may have.  By working together as partners in your child's education, they will be successful.  Often, e-mail is a faster, more efficient method of communication.  My email address is moverton@dentonisd.org  However, if you prefer to call, my number is 369-3378.
    Thank you for the opportunity to teach your child!
    Your Partner in Education;
    Mary K Overton




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