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    You must always know the past, for there is no real Was, there is only Is.

    William Faulkner








    8th Grade and Pre-AP U.S. History


    Parents, Students, and Visitors:
    Thank you for visiting my web page.  This will be the site to find information about current units, agenda, assignments, projects, and instructional materials.  I'm looking forward to a great year in 8th Grade and Pre-AP American  History.  If you need to contact me, the best way is through email at ssteiner@dentonisd.org, or you may leave a voicemail at 940-369-3372.
    Scott Steiner


    FLIPPED VIDEOS (What's that - gymnastics on Youtube?)
    No, flipped videos are an important piece of instruction in my class.  In the traditional classroom, teachers lecture on the material in class and send home assignments based on the lectures.  In a "flipped" classroom that structure is turned around - my class lectures are posted in videos online, allowing students to listen and take notes at their own pace and time, and revisit lectures for review.  These lectures will be provided to students in Google Classroom on their DISD Portal, and can also be found at Youtube.com on my channel MrSteinersClass.
    Note taking for all students should be done in the Cornell Notes format.  It also means that after initial notes are complete, we follow up with the 3 R's of note taking:
    Revisit: we always go back to our notes for study
    Review: we highlight important items, study vocabulary, and read the summaries
    Revise: we add or change to improve - comments, illustrations, questions, etc.