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    My name is Marti Couch.  I am the Counselor at Borman Elementary. My purpose here is to support your child to be the best learner he or she can be.  Sometimes that means that I offer emotional support and encouragement.  Sometimes unexpected life events happen and I will come alongside your child and, with the help of our wonderful staff and teachers, we will do whatever we can to provide a safe and secure environment at school. I have groups that meet every day and visit classrooms with Guidance Sessions and short "pop-ins" about specific issues that are the focus of classroom climate. I offer on-the-spot counseling for little ones in crisis.  
    I enjoy offering helpful parenting advise.  I have 
    eight children of my own and they have grown up successfully so far. They taught me that each child is different and will tell you what they need if you listen. Some kiddos are more of a challenge than others because their gifts are different.
    One of my favorite things to do is Guidance.  I will teach your children life skills that they can take with them into adulthood.  You will hear about some of these lessons throughout the year.  If not, ask your child what we talked about.  Guidance sessions are such fun!!
    Please call me or come by if you need anything.  My number is (940) 369-2577.  My email address is mcouch@dentonisd.org