About Our School's Core Beliefs

  • Our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

    Campus Mission
    Working together to provide a safe environment that empowers all to be successful lifelong learners.

    5th – Make It Happen

    4th – We Believe

    3rd – Exceeding Expectations; United as One

    2nd – Challenge Yourself, Inspire Others

    1st – Inspiring each other to exceed our expectations; Leading by Example

    K – Believe, Exceed, Achieve, Together (BEAT)

    Campus Vision
    At Ginnings Elementary, we believe our students can achieve life-long learning by challenging all students, teachers and parents to exceed all expectations to make it happen. United as One, Inspired by All.

    Campus Values
    • We will enhance our professional skills that lead to student success.
    • We will ensure each student can develop to his/her potential.
    • We will support parents as a vital component to student success.
    • We will provide a safe and nurturing community, which is essential to academic excellence.
    • We will collaborate.
    Campus Goals
    • We will implement lessons with links to real life situations.
    • We will utilize technology to prepare students for the 21st century.
    • We will use cross curricular integration to ensure that we deepen our understanding of the essentials within the state TEKS.
    • Our students will show positive progress by actively monitoring and checking for growth through common assessments.
    • We will continue partnerships with parents, community and staff to reinforce learning.