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      Welcome to Mrs. Ide's First Grade Class!
     Helping your child read...

    Instead of saying “sound it out” each time your child stops or mispronounces a word as he or she reads, try this:

    ·   Ask “Does that (or would that) make sense?” Remember that looking at the pictures helps them with meaning.

    ·   Ask, “Does that sound right?”

    ·   Ask “Does that look right?”

    ·   Give your child a wait time of 5-10 seconds.  See what he attempts to do to help himself.

    ·   Say, “Try that again.”

    ·   Say, “Let’s check the word.  Look at the first letter.”  As he becomes stronger, say, “Do you see a part you know?”

    ·   Instead of isolating sounds in words, say the word very slowly and stretch the sounds. 

    ·   If they are REALLY struggling, tell them by asking, “Could it be…?”

    ·   Remember to focus on 1 or 2 things to work on.  Overloading your child with all the things they are doing wrong will discourage and frustrate them.

    ·   Last but not least, always praise GOOD ATTEMPTS. 

                                             Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns!
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    Please ensure your child is reading each night and using their strategies:)

    Please practice the dot cards and subitizing with your child! That is where they find groups of dots and put them together to get the total!


    Class #940-369-2903
    Main Office #940-369-2900

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