• Meet the Ladies Who Run The McNair Office !
    Sherry Bowers, secretary     sbowers@dentonisd.org
    Pam Ingram, receptionist      pingram@dentonisd.org 
    Please email or call these wonderful ladies if you have any questions about paperwork, registration, school events, or any other general questions.  Our school office number is 369-3600.
    If your child is absent from school, please call the absentee line at 369-3690 to report his/her absence that day.   Be sure to send in a written note when your child returns to school, within 72 hours. You can also monitor your child's attendance record by logging onto the Home Access Center (HAC).  You will be able to see if your absence was verified and excused with your note.  If you notice the absence is still listed as "Unverified", that means the note was never received by the office.  Please check your child's backpack and folders, or contact the office.