•  First and Second Grade
    Gifted/Talented at McNair!
    Welcome to Ms. Braley's EXPO

    Hello, my name is Elaine Braley, and I have been a teacher at McNair Elementary the majority of my teaching career!  I was born and raised in Denton, but have also lived in San Antonio and San Marcos, Texas, and also in Colorado.  I am a graduate of UNT.  I love teaching and can't wait to see my students every day!  We do lots of interesting and fun things in EXPO, and we begin the year in second grade with our Cinderella Unit: a study of nine of the more than 300 Cinderella stories in the world.  We learn about all of the characteristics of a Cinderella story and later make interactive game books.  We also write our own Cinderella stories.  Some of the stories we read are:  The Egyptian Cinderella, The Korean CinderellaMufaro's Beautiful Daughters (a story from Africa), The Persian Cinderella, Princess Furball, The Rough-Face Girl (an Algonquin Indian story), and Yeh-Shen.

    The first graders work on the Frog and Toad unit, using the stories of Arnold Lobel (Frog and Toad Are Friends, etc.)  We incorporate lots of thinking and creative activities to go along with the stories, such as designing a swimming suit for Toad, or writing a story about Frog and Toad's adventures, or thinking of way to tamper-proof a cookie jar when Frog and Toad have had enough cookies!  We also study the life-cycle of frogs, the anatomy of a frog, and much more!

    Second semester, second grade will work on a study of Yellowstone National Park as part of our National Parks Unit.  We will study the wildlife of Yellowstone and will take a virtual field trip on the Yellowstone website to learn all about the history and behavior of the animals in Yellowstone.  We will incorporate all the fairy tale books about wolves, including non-traditional books such as The Wolf's Story, The Wolf Who Cried Boy!, The Three Little Wolves and the Big, Bad Pig.  We will also study the natural resources of the park.   

    Second semester, first grade will work on a unit entitled Mark's Mountain in which we will study the animals, birds, insects, and plant life of a mountain in the Rocky Mountains.  We will learn about deciduous and coniferous trees, hibernation habits of bears, migration of the monarch butterfly, etc.  We will also tie story books about wolves and bears into our study.

    I truly enjoy working with your students!  Please feel free to contact me anytime @ 940.369.3643  or ebraley@dentonisd.org