Ms. Jodi Dallas

Phone: 940-369-3658


Degrees and Certifications:

Angelo State University Bachelor of Arts University of North Texas Art Certification K-12

Ms. Jodi Dallas

Conference Time 2:00-2:50

Lunch Time 11:35-12:05


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    Art Teacher:  Jodi Dallas
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    Conference Time: 2:00-2:50  
    Phone: 940-369-3658
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    Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life. 
     -Pablo Picasso

    The goal of the art program at McNair Elementary is to prepare children to understand how art has shaped culture throughout history and to spur their exploration of art and society today. The program focuses on discipline-based art education and core-curriculum as the basis for exploration through various mediums appropriate to each child's learning level. Art history, criticism, aesthetics, and art production are incorporated into each lesson along with the integration of other subjects like math, science, language arts and social studies to reinforce and broaden students' knowledge and skills. The program aims to help students see the relationship of these subjects to understand art and its value to our society.

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    Kindergarten through 5th grade follow a general scope and sequence based on the elements and principles of art. The order is:

    1st 6 weeks: Line, Rhythm, and Movement
    2nd 6 weeks: Shape and Balance
    3rd 6 weeks: Form and Emphasis

    4th 6 weeks: Color, Contrast, and Value

    5th 6 weeks: Texture, Variety, and Unity

    6th 6 weeks: Space and Proportion 



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