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    Conference period is 7:50am-8:30am 
    Math Tutoring available Tues/Thurs 2:40-3:00 
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    I look forward to working with parents as a team to support student's learning. Here are some helpful links to help you access current information: 
    • If your student needs extra math practice, here is the login page for "Think Through Math." (user name/password is taped to the inside cover of their math notebook.) http://www.thinkthroughmath.com/
    • PEMDAS game- www.mhschool.com/math/2009/ca/assets/asset_view.html?s=RW_5_09E
    Be sure to link your Kroger rewards card to Wilson. When you buy groceries, a portion will be donated to our school. We use these funds to buy consumable supplies for our science lab. This must be renewed each year. Here is the website to link you Kroger card to Wilson: https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards
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    Dear Parents,


    The 2017-2018 school year is about to begin, and I am looking forward to an exciting journey with a new group of students. Each child is unique and has much to offer as an individual. Together we will explore many new topics and learn new skills. Fifth grade classes rotate to different classrooms and teachers for instruction in the core subjects. This can be an adventure in itself! I hope each child will feel challenged to strive for personal growth and to achieve the academic goals determined for this grade level.



    Students are expected to be in the classroom, seated and working by the 7:40 AM bell. Arrival by the 7:25 bell will allow them to do this successfully. Students entering the classroom after the bell will be marked tardy. Absences require a written explanation signed by a parent to be considered for excused verification. You will have 72 hours in which to send this explanation once the student has returned to school. Failure to send an explanation within this period will result in the absence recorded as unverified. Please be sure you have read and understood the attendance policies and consequences in the DISD handbook. It is very important for your child to be present and on time daily.



    This year we will be using a system of checks and plus cards to inform parents of their child’s choices at school. If a student chooses not to follow a class rule or procedure, this choice will be recorded as a check on the behavior clipboard. If the student incurs more than one behavior check in a day, he/she will be assigned to study hall during recess time to think over the purpose of classroom rules and procedures. If a student earns one check for late/incomplete/missing work, he/she will be assigned to study hall or tutorials.  Each day the slate is “wiped clean,” and the process starts over. On Wednesdays, you will receive a weekly report on behavior as well as academic needs. This report is intended to keep you informed about your child’s academic progress as well as to assist us in identifying and correcting unproductive behavior patterns. During weeks when report cards are sent home, a weekly report will not be sent. These parent communications must be signed by a parent and returned on that Thursday. It is the responsibility of the student to transport and turn in signed parent communications.


    Classroom Rules

    Respect people and property

    Use time wisely

    Do not disturb the learning

    Keep talking to assigned topic

    Be cooperative and follow directions

    Be prepared for class

    Turn in work/items on time

    Keep your area neat

    Tell the truth



    Graded Papers

    Graded schoolwork and progress note will be sent home together on Wednesdays. Please look over and keep your child’s graded work. Sign the progress report and return it to school with your child on Thursday. Feel free to write a response on the note. Students may correct any daily work to improve a score and enhance understanding of a concept.



    Daily assignments not completed during the school day will become homework and must be completed by the following morning. Your child will be required to use an assignment planner, available from the school for $5.00. Cash only please. Students will write daily assignments/homework and reminders of upcoming events in their planner. Students are responsible for keeping their planner current.


    Late Papers

    Assignments and homework items must be completed and turned in by their stated due date. Penalties for items turned in after the due date include placement of the student in study hall, and loss of privileges. Work more than one day late is accepted at the teacher's discretion. No assignments/retests will be accepted the last week of the grading period.

    Work in progress should be here every single day.  What goes home must come back!



    Following the third week of each six week grading period, your child’s grades will be reviewed. If at this time or at report card time, your child is averaging below meets standard in any subject, a tutorial period will be provided. Math tutorials for any student wanting help are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at the picnic tables from 2:30-2:50. Please encourage your child to attend if they are struggling, need homework help, or have questions.


    I hope this information provides you with insight into some of our plans and procedures for the year. Please feel free to contact me any time if you have questions or concerns. I do not normally answer my class phone during the teaching day, but I check my voice mail and email as often as possible.


     Let’s work together to make this year a wonderful experience for our students!


    Mrs. Taylor

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