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    October 2017

    Week 1
    My Five Senses/My Body
    *What are your five senses? 
    *How do we use them?
    *Why are our five senses important?
    *How do they keep us safe?
    *Sorting objects into differnt groups
    *Sorting by attributes
    *Math concept: Wide, Narrow, thick, and thin
    Character trait: Respectful
    Letter of the Week: R
    Color of the Week: Red
    Shape of the Week: Square
    Number of the Week: 2
    Week 2
    Imagination/Making Things
    *What is an imagination?
    *How do we use our imagination?
    *Dr. Seuss and his imagination
    *Discuss Dr. Seuss books and talk about real and pretend
    *Math concept: Space and Shape: Introduce positional language, use positional vocabulary, describe position
    *Letter of the Week: A
    *Color of the Week: green
    *Shape of the Week: Oval
    *Number of the Week: 3
    Character Trait: Respectful
    Week 3 
    Autumn-Apples/Healthy Me 
    *What is Autumn?
    *What are the characteristics of Autumn?
    *Life cycle of an apple tree?
    *Parts of an apple?
    *Compare/contrast apples
    *Identifying patterns
    Math Concept: Introducing 3-D shapes, describing features of 3-D shapes, exploring features of 3-D shapes, naming 3-D shapes, practicing language of shape and position
    *Letter of the Week: A
    *Color of the Week: Green
    *Shape of the Week: Oval
    *Number of the Week: 3
    Character Trait: Respectful
    Week 4
    *What is a pumokin?
    *What is inside a pumpkin?
    *Lifecycle of a pumpkin?
    *How do we use pumpkins??
    *Autumn Celebrations
    *Body Movements
    Math concept: Review concepts for space and shape
    *Letter of the Week: P
    *Color of the Week: Green
    *Shape of the Week: Oval
    *Number of the Week: 3
    Character Trait: Respectful


     Monday, October 9: Dunkin' with Dearest
    Thursday, October 12: Early Release day
    Friday, October 13: Teacher Inservice Day/No School
    Monday, October 16:Teacher Inservice Day/No School
    Thursday, October 19: Fire Fighters Visit at 9:30 & 1
    Tuesday, October 24: Picture Day/ Individual and Class pictures
    Tuesday, October 31: Halloween Celebration and Trunk or Treat

    Teacher's Notes
    Welcome to my classroom! I am very excited to have your child with me this year. As with each year, it is extremely important you, as a parent, read all information that is sent home. Be sure you understand everything and if not, please ask me. It is much better to receive clarification that to just ignore it. We will be doing lots of take home activities which you will allow you the opportunity to help your child. I will also have many opportunities for the families to help me by working in the room, or by taking items home to cut out/ put together for future activities.
    This will be a fun and busy year. Please make sure your child has a large backpack with an entire change of clothes (underwear, shorts, shirt, socks, shoes) inside. This backpack needs to come to school every day! We have a lot to accomplish and learn each day and a limited amount of time so please be on time each day to drop your child off and pick your child up. We are going to have a lot of fun and grow together!!
    *In case of Bad Weather*:
    To check for up to date school closings or delays:
    Check the district website:
    Tune into the following television stations:
    Channels, 4,5,8,11,23, or 39
    Tune into the following radio stations:
    FM 88.1, AM 820, or AM 1080