• 6th Grade Girls PE Policies



    1. To attain knowledge to help lead a healthy life/1st 6weeks is a health unit

    2. To attain skills in physical education activities.

    3. To develop an appreciation for lifetime physical activities.

    4. To develop safety habits concerning playing conditions and equipment.

    5. To learn the rules and regulations of various games.


    1. Do what's right, do your best and treat people the way you wanted to be treated!

    2. Students not in the gym when the tardy bell rings will be considered tardy and have consequences.

    3. Students will have approximately five minutes to get dressed in their P.E. uniform after the tardy bell

       rings.  If they are not in their roll call line after the five minute dressing period, they will have


    4. Students will be given approximately five minutes at the end of class to dress back into their school


    5. Students will remain in their roll call until the bell rings to dismiss class.  No horse playing at

        any time.

    6. The proper P.E. uniform is required to participate with the class. Students ARE allowed to wear

        sweats if their class goes outside.  Any student that does not dress-out will be required to be on

        the stationary bike.  If the student continually chooses to not dress out they will be given an office



    1. We will have two activity days a week.  On these days we will play various games either inside or    


    2. We will provide the basic instruction for a variety of activities. We will always keep the safety of the

        student first and foremost in our class.


    1. We will have two fitness days a week. This will normally include aerobic activity such as power walking

        or jogging. 

    2. If students go outside for fitness days they are allowed to bring their own water bottle.  Any student

        that misses a fitness day will have a make-up day Friday.


    1. A locker will be provided for each student. All jewelry and other valuable should be

        placed in the students locker in some type of small bag.

    2. Do not share lockers.

    3. Do not share locker combinations with others.

    4. It is each student's responsibility to make sure their locker is properly locked at all times.

    5. Students will not be allowed to bring any books or notebooks to the locker room.

    6. Things will not be left out in the locker room during class.

    7. DO NOT open a locker that is not issued to you.


    1. No cell phone use is allowed in PE classes.

    2. Cell phones are not allowed in the locker room.


    1. The uniform required for Physical Education will be a gray T-shirt and black gym shorts.

    2. The P.E. uniform must meet school dress code.

    3. No sleeveless shirts, tank tops, soffee shorts or short shorts.

    4. Students may not wear clothing that they wore to school as their Physical Education uniform.

    5. Students’ last name must be written or printed on the T-shirt.

    6. Proper footwear is required. Students must wear lace up athletic shoes. No sketchers,

        loose fitting tennis shoes or slip on tennis shoes.

    7. Due to safety factors, No jewelry may be worn during class!  Jewelry must be locked    

        up during class in the student's locker.

    8. Newly pierced ears with earrings that cannot be removed must me covered with a   

       bandage. It is the student's responsibility to bring the bandages.


    The student’s number grade will be based on dressing out and participation in class.


    A written note from a parent or guardian will excuse the student from the physical activity for that day. A parent note will only be allowed two days in a row. A doctor's note must be obtained if the student is going to miss more than two days of participation.  Students are still required to dress-out.


     For those who want to TRY-OUT for 7th grade girls athletics:


                Many believe that athletics is a glorified PE class and that belief is far from the truth.

    Athletics require a great commitment both physically and mentally.    The girls must have a desire and passion to work hard, compete and improve every day. 

                After the first 10 weeks of school, we will begin preparing those who want to be in 7th grade athletics through our conditioning program.  Our conditioning program lasts 32 days and it will prepare the girls for the mile they must run, under 10 minutes, and the everyday conditioning that athletics entails. Upon the completion of the conditioning program each girl must be able to complete a mile, without stopping or walking, under 10 minutes. 

               Those girls who do not try-out or do not complete the conditioning will continue with the regular activity and fitness days, and will be in 7th grade tennis or 7th grade PE.

    7th grade PE consists of a walking unit, pilates unit, hip hop unit, zumba and dance unit.  Many of these girls will participate in the pep-rally at the end of their 7th grade year. Many of our girls have gone one to the high school and become cheerleaders and part of the drill/dance teams.

                 The girls that complete the conditioning portion of athletic try-outs will begin to prepare for next year by continuing with the following:                     

    8 weeks (40 days) – basic basketball skills

                                  Dribbling, shooting, defense

    8 weeks (40 days) – Volleyball skills

                                     Passing/setting/over hand serving/offensive & defensive sets

Last Modified on October 5, 2017