Jack Phillips
    Dean Phillips ("Deano")
    Grades 6-8 
    Navo Middle School
    1701 Navo Rd.
    Aubrey, TX 76227
    Office #:  972-347-7509 
    Email:  dphillips@dentonisd.org 
    The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.
    My life's gift is compassion, empathy, kindness & service to others.  
    My life's purpose is to use these gifts to help & be of service to others in times of need & to facilitate positive change, growth & self-empowerment.   
    I am honored to do this every day at Navo Middle School as your 
    Student Assistance Counselor (SAC)
    for grades 6th through 8th.
    I have a strong work ethic & desire to serve others that comes from the family environment in which I was raised. My mother & father valued, modeled & expected hard work & commitment of service to others.  My mother is a retired college professor.  My father is retired career military:
       Captain & aviator: U.S. Navy--WW II, South Pacific;
       Colonel & aviator: U.S. Air Force--Korean War;
       Rear Admiral: U.S. Navy--Viet Nam War;
       Recipient of 3 Purple Hearts among other earned distinctions. 
    My sister is a professional educator within the Texas public school system.  My brother is a medical doctor.  
    I'm Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) for Grades 6-8.  I love my job & believe myself to be a perfect fit for the many demands & roles of SAC based on both personal (personality & life experiences) & professional (education & training) background.  Since childhood, I've had compassion for the suffering of others & strong desire to help.  I knew that my professional life would be dedicated to helping & serving. I had planned on a career serving my country through the U.S. Navy until an accident occurred, leading me down another path & way to help & serve others.  I'm honored to be your Student Assistance Counselor here at Navo Middle School.
    As Student Assistance Counselor (SAC), I work with all students grades 6 through 8 & am skilled at both direct & consultative counseling support services to students, staff & parents. & staff. I also invest a lot of time creating & delivering age-appropriate & high-interest classroom guidance lessons on topics facing today's adolescents via  Project Aware, a guidance curriculum I created that provides students important information to help them make positive choices now & in the future.  
    As Student Assistance Counselor (SAC), I come from areas of study, training & experiences addressing student problematic behavior & strategies for positive change.  I possess both state & national licensure &certification in mental health counseling.  Many SACS come from social work fields of study & backgrounds and experiences, while others began as certified classroom teachers who are rich with knowledge and firsthand experience managing students within classroom settings.  Whatever their background, credentials and experiences, Denton ISD's SACs are deeply committed to healthy student functioning and overall success. 

    I celebrate individual differences & cultural diversity.  I believe this to contribute to my understanding of & ability to effectively work with students, staff & parents of diverse backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, orientations, etc.
    Since joining the Texas public school system, I have been & continue to be deeply interested in & strongly committed to anti-bullying education, prevention & intervention on behalf of students, staff & parents.  There is an abundance of research confirming that any type or degree of bullying can cause both short-term & long-term negative impact to a target.  At Navo, I devote a lot of time to providing classroom guidance lessons & learning activities to all grade level students in addition to refresher information & presentations to staff.
    Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) 
    Majors:  English. 
    Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.)  
    Majors:  LPC/Mental Health Counseling.
                     Special Education.
    Minor:   Marriage & Family Therapy.  

    Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S).
    National Certified Counselor (NCC).
    Certified School Counselor (CSC).
    Certified Special Education Counselor (CSEC).
    Certified Secondary Teacher:  English/Language Arts, History & Special Education.
    Certified Anger Resolution Therapist (CART). 
    Certified Critical Incident Stress Management.
    Certified Nonviolent Crisis Prevention & Intervention (CPI).  
    Certified School Trauma, Loss & Grief Counselor. 
    Anger management (getting a grip on your anger before it puts you in danger).  
    Anti-bullying education, prevention & intervention.
    Anti-drug education, prevention, intervention & legal consequences.  
    Conflict resolution (peers).    
    Community referrals (outside the school setting) for students in significant crisis. 
    Crisis intervention counseling to students both individually & in small group setting.   
    Friends of Rachel (FOR) student club Co-Sponsor 
    Project AWARE classroom guidance lessons to students per mandatory House Bills. 
    Red Ribbon Week facilitator (last week in October is nationally recognized & celebrated anti-drug education & drug-free campus-wide celebration).
    Respectful relationships/Relationship violence awareness & education.
    Self-injurious/Suicidal prevention & intervention.
    Student Risk Survey (SRS) facilitator.
    Substance abuse prevention & intervention.
    Three Strikes & I'm In:  SAC-created targeted interventions for repeat ISS placements.
    Violence prevention & intervention.
    Kim, whom I met while in college.  A native Texan originally from Huntsville.  Formerly a Special Ed. Teacher, Diagnostician, Assistant Director & presently Director of Special Education Programs & Budget for six school districts outside of Denton proper.  Compassionate & deeply committed to all aspects of assisting special needs students, their families & staff.        
    Border Collies.  We presently have two: Kale and Kobe.  We are actively involved in dog rescue efforts with the Denton Humane Society & Border Collie Rescue & have had the satisfaction of finding "forever homes" for dozens of deserving dogs.    
    Early Interests/Activities: 
    Baseball, boxing, martial arts, motorcycles, music, "doodling"/drawing.     
    Present Interests/Activities:
    Same activities but now watching them on TV!  A huge fan of many different types of music.  Riding my Harley Davidson & classic Triumph Bonneville. "Doodling" & making name tags for my wonderful colleagues here at Navo.
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