• Some of My Favorite Things

    My birthday is August 3.

    My favorite flowers are peonies and cactus plants.

     My favorite color is turquoise.

    My favorite drinks are hot tea and La Croix sparkling water.

    My favorite snacks are almonds, cashews, Smart Pop popcorn, and dried cranberries.

    My favorite dessert is ice cream.
    My favorite candy is dark chocolate.
    My favorite scent is Capri Blue Volcano candles.
    My favorite restaurants are Torchy's and STARBUCKS!
    My favorite stores are Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Target.
    I collect art, art supplies, and cactus plants.
    My hobbies are art, cooking, reading, and playing with my sweet girls..
    ((One of my favorite artists!)
Last Modified on August 30, 2017