Mrs. Taylor, Student Assistance Counselor             
                                                                          Student Assistance Counselor
                                                             Office - 940-369-3585
                                                       Email - ttaylor3@dentonisd.org 
    Welcome back students and parents!  I'm excited to embark on another fabulous and exciting journey at Lee! My name is Tina Taylor and I am the Student Assistance Counselor/Behavior Counselor.  I'm proud to return to Lee for the 6th year!  I have a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and I have 25+ years experience in the mental health/behavioral health field. At Lee, my primary role is in the area of student support: 80% of my focus is providing students with immediate, one-on-one support as needed. Support includes helping students de-escalate during times of emotional crisis, teaching students how to lower anxiety and teaching problem-solving skills. In addition, I offer individual and group counseling available to all students based on needs.  Self-regulation of emotions is another key component of the services that I provide in the form of "behavioral lessons".
    Behavioral lessons are lessons that teach students self-awareness of emotions and behavior and how to use appropriate skills to cope with any emotions that might arise during the school day.  A key component in every lesson is taking accountability for one's feelings and behavior with an emphasis on problem-solving. The curriculum that I use to develop the lessons is from Zones of Regulations Curriculum. I look forward to working with your children and I welcome face-to-face and/or telephone conferences with parents/guardians.  Feel free to email me at ttaylor3@dentonisd.org or you may call my office at 940-369-3585.  
    Tina M. Taylor, M.S., LPC-S
    Student Assistance Counselor
    Lee Elementary