Welcome to MMS.

    This will be a GREAT year in Reading support classes.
     I am teaching a new class this year, called Reader's Workshop. Students are using a computer based program (Achieve 3000) that is designed to help all the students improve their reading abilities. With Achieve 3000, all the students read the same lesson, but the difficulty is precisely matched to each student's reading ability. As the semester progresses, I hope they will see gains in their reading level and will be close to reading/comprehending grade level material.
     Students needing extra help???   I am encouraging students to tutor with their core teacher. If more help is needed, students need to contact me for a pass. I will be available on Wednesday mornings from 7:45 until 8:11 am.

    Contact Information:
    Phone - 940.369.3355
    Email - ctaylor@dentonisd.org
    Conference time: 12:15-1:00 pm