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    Courtney Swindle
    Content Mastery Teacher
    Geometry Inclusion
    Denton High School
    Room 201
    (940) 369-2114
         This is my 9th year teaching at Denton High School.  I love my job and I love being a Bronco!  I have a degree in Child Development from The University of North Texas and a Masters in Educational Administration from Texas A&M Commerce.  I enjoy getting to know my students and finding out what they need to maximize their learning capability.  I feel that every student that comes to my classroom does so to get support both academically and emotionally and it is my mission to provide it!  I feel that I have found my true calling as a teacher at Denton High School!
    CMC Hours:
    Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:30pm
    Tutoring Hours:
    Monday - Friday 8:00am-8:40am
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