• Parts of a Lesson

    Familiar Book Reread:  The student rereads several familiar books.


    Running Record:  The student rereads a book that was read for the first time the day before.  The teacher keeps track of the number and types of errors.


    Word Work:  The student works on letter identification, letter formation, letter sounds and the making and breaking apart of words.


    Writing a Story:  The student writes a story in a writing notebook using a practice page for working on tricky words. The teacher then writes the student's story on a strip of paper and cuts it apart. The student reassembles the story. This is to work on word recognition, sequencing and fluency. This is also done at home, gluing down the story on an envelope.


    Reading a New Book:  The student is introduced to and reads a new book each day at the end of the lesson. The new book is kept by the teacher until the following day to be read for a running record.