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     "It's a BLAST!"

    News and notes:

    NEXT MEETING THURSDAY 3/26 in room 274 from 4:20 until 5:00.

    Check out Lockheed's Jupiter Space Tug HERE

    Could you live in a dome for 8 months? Read about it HERE

    Great weather and fun at the DARS launch in Frisco (see photos HERE).


    About the Club:

    Join us to learn the ins and outs of rocketry. We'll teach you what you need to know to start building "sport" rockets for fun and contests. Then we expand your knowledge so that Ryan students will be ready to participate in the Team America Rocketry Challenge. (see video above)

    Ultimately, we want to push the program to where we are invited to take part in the Student Launch Initiative with University students and NASA engineers. This club will give you skills and knowledge you can use when applying for college and later in life. It will look great on a college application! When it comes to rocketry, the sky isn't even the limit!

    The key is that we have FUN while learning and building things that will actually do something!

    Here are our Club By laws

    Intro to Rocketry

    Printable application click here: Printable application


    SPRING BREAK! (3/16 - 3/20)

    Sport Launch (Frisco) 3/21 10:30 am - 3 pm

    Next Meeting 3/26 @ 4:20 in room 274

    Directions to Launch Sites:

    Map to the Frisco Launch Site: CLICK HERE

    Map to the Gunter High Power Launch Site: CLICK HERE

    Contact Info:

    Follow us! on Remind101. Text "@ryanr" to (754) 227-3815 for news.
    Contact me (Mr. Amick) via email: EMAIL (for official educational/club-related contact only)
    Join the Ryan Rocketry Club page on Facebook! Click HERE


                    Madeline with the Mean Machine

    Madeleine poses with the Estes Mean Machine she flew on a "D" engine at the DARS September launch...

    Team America Rocketry Challenge:

    The Team America Rocketry Challenge is a national (and international) contest to test the skills and abilities of students in grades 7-12. Students must design, build, and successfully fly a rocket that meets the annual contest specifications. Points are added for deviation from the target altitude and flight time, and if the raw egg payload is broken the flight is disqualified.

    The top 100 teams are invited to the national fly-off outside Washington, D.C. The top 10 teams receive cash awards, and in 2014 the winning team received almost $10,000 and a trip to London for the fly-off at the Farnborough Air Show. For 2015 the winning team from the U.S. will travel to Paris, France to compete in the international fly-off at the Paris Air Show.

    This is a GREAT opportunity for students to work in a team environment and challenge their abilities. It also garners the attention of a number of major aerospace companies and will look good on a college application!

    For more watch this short video:

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