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    The University of North Texas

    Bachelor of Arts & Science

    Certifications: Business Education

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    AFTER school by appointment only
    A3 & B2
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    Philosophy of Education:


    It is very important to me to have the opportunity to prepare students for the business world that is ahead of them.  Each student needs to learn that education is not something that starts and stops at the classroom door.  It is to be lived, sought after and savored with excitement and enthusiasm.  It is important to me that every student know that I value their education but moreover, I value each student as a person.  I feel that any student who joins my class also joins the Redding class family.  Students should know that they are valuable members of that family.  My concern is for their education, the decisions that they make, the activities in which they are involved, and how they will choose to live their lives.  Integrity is the key and one of the greatest qualities sought after, and sometimes scarce, in our society and in the business world.  I hope to teach students the meaning of integrity through educational tools and by example.


    Integrity is always seeking to do the right thing even when no one is looking.

    PTR Professional Tennis Registry
    BPA Business Professionals of America




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