Cristina Galindo

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    Phone: 369-2069
    Conf. pd.: 5th
    Tutoring Times: T-Th. 8:00 to 8:30


    World Languages Department Chair, IB DP Spanish 4 SL/6 HL , Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3 Pre-AP and Spanish 3 Pre-AP


    (or experience)

    Bachelor of Science 1989

    Certifications: English and Spanish

    26 years experience


    Having been born on the border to Mexico in Laredo, Texas, I was reared speaking Spanish and English. I know what it is like to have to speak a second language, Spanish, in order to have friends on the playground. I have enjoyed my dual culture, and I feel this duality puts me in a good position to share my abilities with my students. Working with students from grades 6 through 12 for the last 26 years,  I enjoy my job tremendously.

    Teaching Philosophy:

    My philosophy is to teach students more than just Spanish. I hope they learn that they can accomplish more than they thought possible if they are willing to challenge, discipline and believe in themselves enough.

    Accomplishments or Personal Information –

    Hobbies, Family info, etc.

    • DHS Teacher of The Year 2009
    • Multiple Inductee to Who's Who Among America's Teachers
    •  Former Chairperson of Mission Outreach Council for Immaculate Conception Church
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