• Señor Place

    Señor Place

    Phone: 940.369.2153

    Preferred method of communication: email:dplace@dentonisd.org
    Conference periods:  3A and 4B
    Note: Syllabus may be found in Google Classroom. Only students will have access to them. Please ask your student to let you view and  print syllabus. 
                                                                            Tutoring hours: Tuesday 4:15-5:00 p.m., Thursday & Friday 8:10 - 8:40 a.m. 


    AP Spanish Language and Culture and IB Spanish Standard Level Teacher



    Bachelor of Arts, University of North Texas

    Certifications: Lifetime Secondary Education, Spanish and Government

    College Board AP Reader and Table Leader, Spanish Language, 2003-2017
    IB Spanish Certified Level 3


    Born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua, land of the great modernist poet Rubén Darío, Señor Place is a native speaker of Spanish.

    1989-2001 AP Spanish Teacher and Department Chair at McKinney H.S.

    2002-Present AP and IB Spanish Teacher at Denton High School

    International Travel with Students to Mexico, Costa Rica and Spain. 

    Teaching Philosophy:

    My task as a language teacher as that of a facilitator for students to expand their world.  A Spanish proverb says: "Una lengua distinta es otra visión de la vida" (A new and different language is another vision of life..  Some of my students will go on to use their language skills in their careers.  Others will have an appreciation of the culture and people who speak Spanish and will use their skills to travel and make long-lasting friendships. Whichever way my students use their skills, they will have new doors open to them, and I will have been privileged to have taken a part in their development.


    Personal Information


    • 1998 McKinney ISD Excellence in Teaching Award, Secondary Teacher of the Year
    • 2003-2016 AP Spanish Language Examination Reader
    • 2015 Denton High School Teacher of the Year
    • Foreign travel with students to Mexico and Costa Rica
    • Interpreter in mission trips with Asbury Methodist to Chihuahua, Mexico
      Denton Community Health Clinic-Board Chairman 2012-2014
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