I'm so excited to have your student in my class this school year!  I hope to develop and instill a great love for reading in each student in my class.  I want them to discover what their favorite type of genre to read is and have a great passion for reading.  I no longer want to hear groans from students when they are asked to pick up a book and read, but see eagerness on their smiling faces of what will potentionally take place next in their current reading.  I not only want my students reading, but making personal connections, as well as using reading as a tool to expand their minds.
    Please come in at any time to catch up from absences, for extra help, or to check on your grades during my tutor times. If the below time will not work for you, just talk with me and we can figure out an alternate time.
    Wednesdays mornings from 7:45-8:15
    If you have any questions or have anything to discuss, please don't hesitate to email or call me.