• The Mayse Family        
    Hello! My name is Kelsy Mayse and I am a lifeskills teacher at Denton High School. 
    B.A. Music Education (Vocal Performance) at the University of North Texas
    Masters in the Art of Teaching (Special Education) at Texas Woman's University
     Teaching Philosophy:
    My teaching philosophy is very simple, yet has a profound understanding of 
    the responsibilities an educator has to their students. Men and women all over the 
    United States trust teachers to guide and will the young minds of their son's, 
    daughter's, grandchildren, niece’s, and nephew’s. We as educators must honor and 
    respect their trust in us. As a special education teacher, I have really 
    responded well to the constructivist approach to teaching. Planning 
    activities and lessons around my students' interests and curiosities has always been
    a priority. A decrease in behaviors and discipline problems tend to happen in this 
    type of learning environment. I view myself as a co-learner. I actively engage the 
    students in lessons while simultaneously observing and asking questions. Almost all 
    of the lessons taught in our classrooms have a performance based goal in which the
    students are expected to perform specific accomplishments at the end of each 
    Contact Information: 
     Phone Number: (940)-369-2064 Planning Period: 11:30am-12:30pm
    Room Number:315
    Email: Kmayse@dentonisd.org