Kimberly Villarreal-Thaggard

    phone: 369-2028


    9th Grade - Assistant Principal 


    MYP Coordinator, Instructor : IB 20th Century Topics, AP World History


    Bachelor of Science: Political Science and English
    Master of Science: Early American Studies, Candidate



    I  have worked in politics since I was seventeen years old. I truly enjoy the idea of sharing my knowledge of this and other countries with my students.

    Teaching Philosophy:

    Philosophies change for me on a daily basis. One thing that almost always holds true is that in working with my students I find that they can often teach me just as much as I can teach them. I love the organic nature of teaching and how there is really no "right" way to teach or to learn, it is an individual process that seeks and often finds different results for everyone;leading us all on a different path of purpose.

    Recognition and Accomplishments


    ·          Oxford Roundtable Participant

    ·          DISD Educator of Influence, 2007, 2010...

    ·          Teacher of the Year Nominee, 2008, 2009

    ·          TASC Board of Directors, 2010-2011


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