Path to Success


    Begins with appropriate dress


    Ø      When you dress always think of being successful. Remember you represent NMS, where Old Gold and Black rule! And we follow the motto: “Pride, Respect, and Excellence"


    Ø      FOOTWEAR:  No flip flops.   This is for your safety.  No color of shoestrings allowed other than black, white, brown or grey is not allowed.


    Ø      TOPS: Unacceptable tops include halter tops, tank tops, t-shirts without sleeves, see-through or sheer tops


    Ø      SHORTS: Short Shorts-bottoms of shorts should be below the fingertips with arms extended, no daisy dukes and no bare midriffs. No skin should be showing at anytime.


    Ø      SKIRTS: Short Skirts-bottoms of skirts should be below the fingertips with arms extended.


    Ø      UNACCEPTABLE PANTS:  Saggy, baggy pants-Undergarments should not be visible at anytime.  No bike pants.


    Ø      DRESSES-No strapless dresses anytime.


    Ø      UNACCEPTABLE JEWLERY: Chains or accessories which can be used as weapon.


    Ø      UNACCEPTABLE MAKE-UP or BODY ART:  Any make-up, hair color, unnatural cosmetic contact lens, or other accessories which create a disruption– Asst. Principals will determine appropriateness of unnatural hair color, contact lenses etc.  Tattoos or body art which promote nudity, obscenity, or gang activity must be covered.


    Ø      OTHER UNACCEPTABLE APPAREL: Steel toed shoes except for safety in an approved class (CATE), house shoes, slippers, bandanas, Doo rags, sunglasses.


    Ø      Shirts with large armholes that show underwear. Undergarments must be covered at all times, holes in pants on or above the knee, ragged or intentionally cut/torn clothing, garments containing offensive or obscene words, phrases, pictures, symbols, or images, garments which promote or advertise alcohol, sexual innuendos, tobacco, establishments that serve alcohol or other products prohibited at school.


    Ø      All clothing must be sized to fit properly.


    Ø      Accessories applied to the facial area, tongue, or body such as safety pins to the eye area, studs, or rings through the nose can’t be worn at school.


    Ø      On each campus the principal will have the final say as to the appropriateness of any dress code question.


    Ø      Students take pride in your dress.  Always remembering our motto: “Pride, Respect and Excellence”.


    Ø      Remember you are the “New Cats in Town!”


Last Modified on August 7, 2013