Welcome to Kindergarten!
     Welcome to Mrs. Redmond's Kindergarten Class!
    E-mail: wredmond@dentonisd.org
    Conference Period: 12:05 -1:00pm  
    Important Information:
    Kindergarten Meet the Teacher: August 10, 2017- 5-6pm - Please bring your students school supplies at this time. If you ordered a PTA school supply packet it should already be in the classroom. We will be sharing our supplies so their in no need to write names on school supplies. We will be touring the school and our classroom. Please note this is best for parents and kindergarten students to attend only if possible.
    First Day of School: August 16, 2017 -School Visitors must sign in at the front office and get a badge to enter the building. Visitors must sign out at the front office and exit the front doors of the school when leaving school.
     Snacks- Students need to bring their own snack daily. I suggest placing it in a separate place in their backpack so they do not confuse it with their lunch box food.
    Red Star Folders- Please sign and return the red star behavior folders daily. If you have any notes or information to return please place it in this folder. I will send all notes and homework in this folder as well. The red star folder will come home the first day of school. If the folder if ever lost or damaged I ask that you replace the red folder and I will replace the contents.  
    Homework -   Please check the first plastic sleeve in the red star folder for instructions on homework each week. I will sometimes also have addition homework papers in the front pocket on the folder to go along with the instructions in the instructions in the first plastic sleeve. Homework goes home on Monday and is due on Fridays. The activities listed on the in the first plastic sleeve can be done depending on the activity you choose orally or written on a piece of paper to be turned in. Please note reading daily with your child is always apart of homework in my class( parent/sibling reading to child or child reading to parent/sibling).
    Specials Class Schedule - I recommend wearing tennis shoes daily. Our specials schedule is: P.E- M, Tu, Th, Music- Wed and Art- Fridays.  P.E. requires tennis shoes.
    Show and Tell Friday-  We will have show and tell on Fridays only by table color. The color rotation is Red, Yellow, Blue, Green. The items must be able to fit in their backpack and students should be able to share at least one reason why the item is important to them or if it goes with something we are learning about in school. The goal is to have fun and be able to talk in front of others and not be scared!
    E-Mail- The best way to get in contact with me during the day is by e-mail wredmond@dentonisd.org I try to send out at least one weekly e-mail so please keep a look out for that e-mail usually on Monday.
    Lunch Time: 11:17-11:47am - If you would like to eat with your child please sign in at the front office and then meet our class in the lunchroom. Lunch visitors need to be on the students enrollment information as approved visitors by parents to eat with their child. Please take birthday cupcakes to the lunchroom and serve them to the students once they have finished their lunch. If you can not come to lunch for your child's birthday please send in the cupcakes or cookies the morning of and I will pass them out at snack time.
    Absent Days- If your child is absent you need to send in a written note with the date and your signature to the front office directly the day they return to school. If your child goes to the doctor always ask for a doctors note to turn into the office.
    Dismissal for Walkers/Car Riders:   All walkers will be walked to the tree by the sidewalk just outside the end of the kindergarten hallway. Parents or older sibling(s) if your child is walking home please meet them at this location. A kindergarten teacher will walk out car rider students to the last two benches by the blue trash can daily. Please meet students there to pick up your child if your child is a car rider. Car riders will wait there until their car arrives.
     Daycare/Yellow School Bus Riders:  Students will be escorted by staff with other kindergarten students to the correct location for the daycare bus or the yellow school bus dismissals before car riders and walkers are released.
     Extended School Day Students:  ESD students will be escorted by a staff to the lunchroom for ESD.
Last Modified on June 2, 2017