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    Mr. Gibson



    Course Expectations

    Productive Panthers... 

    ·         Come to class on time, with materials, and ready to learn.               


    ·         Actively listen to the teacher and follow directions the first time.


    ·         Stay on task during all work times.


    ·         Signal for assistance.


    ·         Keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves.


    ·         Respect others’ views [disagree with answers, not people]



    Course Highlights

    ·         Vocabulary                                              Independent Reading

    ·         Small Group Instruction                          Whole Group Instruction

    ·         Computer Software                             


    Student Work

    Student work will be kept in a folder in the classroom at school.  You may at any time request to see the work contained within your students file by simply contacting me to arrange a time to come by.


    Grading ( http://www.dentonisd.org/Page/60385)

    Major Summative      70%
    Minor Summative      30% 

    Conference Times

    If you need to schedule a time to meet with me, my conference period is 11:42 a.m.. – 12:32 p.m..  If you should ever need to reach me, you may e-mail me at:  mgibson@dentonisd.org, or you can call my voicemail.

    School Phone:  (972) 347-7578

    Email:  mgibson@dentonisd.org

    Room B209

Last Modified on August 15, 2016