• HMS Run Club


    Harpool has a 6th grade running club that meets on Thursdays after school. 
    We would love for you to join us for an afternoon run through the trails of Lantana. 
    We welcome everyone whether you are an avid runner
    or walker.   



    When & Where

    Run Club will begin on September 21, 2017 with a brief meeting explaining expecations and will meet every Thursday after school weather permitting in room C202  (Ms. Weems' room).  Please be here to pick up your student by 4:25pm on the side of the school near the intersection of Stacee Lane and Hickory Hill (6th grade hallway). 



    We will stretch and start off slow for our beginners as we work toward our goal of a 5K (3.1 miles).  It doesn't matter if your student is a new runner or an expert, everyone is welcome!  



    The students can use their gym clothes or bring their own running clothes to change.  In the past, students have run in the clothes they wore to school. Please prepare according to the weather. Layers are best when running since the body warms up as you are running.  The most important thing is to have tennis shoes.  They won't be able to run in sandals or dress shoes. 


    Please hydrate with plenty of water during the day, bring water for after school, and drink plenty after your run.



    The student must sign in and out each day for accountability and safety. They are expected to follow safety rules and be respectful to others on the path. Please complete the permission form.





    Please share information with others who may be interested in HMS run club. 

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    Please contact  with questions and concerns.

    Ms. Weems or Mrs. Beiling
    Mrs. Beiling
    Ms.  Weems