• National Nurses Day


    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! My name is Nicole Goodman and I am the Registered Nurse at Pecan Creek Elementary this year. I am very excited to be here and have enjoyed meeting some of you already. I have been a Nurse for 9 years and am enjoying my Fifth year with Denton ISD.  I have spent the last four years at Tomas Rivera and look forward to becoming a part of the Pecan Creek Family.  Previously I received my Bachelors degree in Nursing form the University of Nevada Las Vegas and received my Masters Degree in Nursing from Walden University.  in addition to school nursing, I also have experience in surgical, cardiac and critical care nursing, as well as teaching experience at the college level.  I have worked at Denton area hospitals and colleges, but I enjoy most of all caring for our children and the community.  I love what I do and I love coming to school every day.

    Your child may need to visit the health room occasionally during the school year and I wanted to let you know the guidelines that I follow. 
    There are several reasons why your child may come to the health room. One may be for routine medication. To administer your child's medication, I need the medicine to be in the original bottle (not a Ziploc baggie or other container). Medications cannot be sent with students to school. An adult must bring the medication to my office. It needs to be labeled with the child’s name, the doctor’s name, the dosage and time to be given. (Prescription Label) I also need the Administration form to be filled out by you and signed. This is on-line or you can come by and pick one up from me. All medications, including over the counter, must have a doctor’s order. Your doctor can fax an order to the school, 940-369-4903.
    Vomiting or stomachaches may bring your child to my office. This does not necessarily indicate illness. It may be nerves or a change in their routine. I will assess your child and if no clinical presentation of illness is present then I will let them lie down for a few minutes and then send them back to class. I usually do not call the parents if it seems to be anxiety related. Many stomachaches happen because children do not eat breakfast. Please make sure that your child eats something in the morning before coming to school.
    Toileting accidents may also occur during the year. It can be a common occurrence for some children. I suggest that you send a change of clothes including undergarments that they can keep in their backpacks just in case an accident occurs. 

    During the first few months of school your child (Kinder, First, Third and Fifth grade students) will be screened for vision and hearing. You will be notified if the screenings indicate a need for referral.

    I want to assure you that if your child is sick or if the teacher tells me that they are “just not themselves in class” I will call you. The school policy for sending children home is a fever greater than 100 degrees, symptoms of pink eye, signs of a contagious or communicable disease or two or more diarrhea stools or vomiting episodes. Occasionally a doctors note is required for your child to return to school.


    If you would like to be notified every time your child comes to the health office you will need to notify me personally. My goal is to help your child learn in a safe and healthy environment. Please feel free to call or e-mail me anytime. My office hours are 7:20-3:20.


    Nicole Goodman RN, MSN/edu

    Pecan Creek Elementary School