Princesses In New Kicks              
    In P.I.N.K. Ladies, we are dedicated to:
           1. Becoming better students in the classroom.
           2. Becoming positive leaders in our school.
           3. Becoming better soccer players.
    We are a program designed to help girls build on teamwork, etiquette, and leadership through soccer. Our club is designed to work in times to help our girls become the strong female leaders of tomorrow that we know they can be. Because of this, we focus on being leaders in the classroom before we can be leaders on the field.

    Practices are every TUESDAY from 3:45pm-5:30pm


    To play in the upcoming game, you must:

    Be passing ALL classes

    Attend ALL practices

    If you do not meet the above criteria, you WILL NOT play in the game NO MATTER how good you are or how much you complain. It is a privilege to play for the PINK Ladies, not a right.