• Crownover Middle School Grading Policy Statement

    It is the belief of teachers and administrators at Crownover Middle School that all students can learn, given the appropriate support and time to achieve mastery. Our grading policies regarding late work and reassessments reflect this belief.

    With the exception of semester exams, students who do not achieve mastery of objectives on assessments will have the opportunity to improve their understanding and demonstrate their learning through various reassessment activities. A "Request to Reassess” form must first be completed during a teacher/student conference in which steps will be outlined to improve student learning.
    Students will be expected to complete all assignments on time and in their entirety. If an assignment has not been turned in by the due date, the grade entered will be“missing,” which averages in as a zero. Please note that there are UIL eligibility dates within the grading period. Assignments not turned in on time may not be reflected in the student’s average for up to a week.
    Click here to access a "Request to Reassess" Form.