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    Mr. London
    English I & Pre-AP 
     IB Film SL & HL
    Denton High School
    Room: 320
    Phone: 940-369-2078
    Tutorials: Monday - Thursday 8:10a - 8:40a
    afternoons by appointment
    2017 - 2018 Schedule: 
     A Day 
    B Day
     1 English I Pre-AP English I Pre-AP
     2 English I IB Film
     3 Conference Conference
     4 IB Film English I
     5 English IEnglish I
    Education:                                    M.Ed. in Administration, Texas Woman's University (Spring 2014)
                                                           B.A. in English, Texas Woman's University (Spring 2010)
    Certifications:                               8 -12 English Language Arts & Reading
                                                           4 -8 Generalist 

    Denton High School Late Work and Reassessment Procedures 

    “Each secondary campus will develop reassessment guidelines so that students know how to pre-qualify for reassessment opportunity.”

             - Denton Independent School District, Grading and Assessment Procedures and Guidelines, pg. 5

    Late Work

    • An assignment will NOT be accepted after 10 days
    • MSG=0


    In order to earn your FULL 10 day reassessment window students will need to:

    • Turn in the summative assessment on the due date (you will lose a reassessment day for every day that you delay turning in your assignment)
    • Submit a valid attempt to meet minimum standard**
    • Complete ALL minor assignments by due date or within that assignment’s 10 day window.
    • Show up on time for all reassessment appointments (tutorials, etc.)
    • Complete additional demonstrations of learning as determined by teacher
    • Demonstrate new or additional learning to increase the grade (i.e. show application of knowledge, this is up to the student to complete)

    *Minor grades that support major grades do not have to be changed If your major grade is higher.  This is up to teacher discretion.

    **Teacher is expected to verbally communicate to a parent when the student is not meeting minimum standard 

    *For ELA, World Language, and Social Studies, Process Papers are not reassessed

    *Teachers are not required to reassess minor grades

Last Modified on August 10, 2017